Fun Races : Pre Nur-II

'You'll never know what you are capable of until you take that first step and just go for it.'
Fun Race was organized for classes Pre-Nursery to II on 22nd September 2022 at Dharav High School, Jaipur. The hurdles are a fascinating set of events. It is the best way to fulfill athletic potential through course. It sounds simple but hurdle race is the most technical demanding event in sports. Cycling on a mark, Hanging on pole, Stepping on tyres, Finding the path, Crawling through hurdles, Crossing the see-saw bridge, Jumping through Hula-hoop and many more hurdles, the students had to go through before reaching the finishing line. The objective of this fun race was beyond inculcating sports values, the activity also focused on developing character and inculcated life values such as integrity and perseverance.